Thursday, October 12, 2023

Returning to Radio Springs Hotel - October 13, 2023!

After recent trips to Clarksdale, Mississippi, in April and September, they’re ready to get right back to making Table Hill music in Lyonville, Victoria, at the Radio Springs Hotel.

Adrian and Carla hosted and performed with Sofie Reed in The Holy Moly Theatre in their home in Clarksdale, during the 20th Annual Juke Joint Festival, April 15, 2023. 

Sofie Reed, Carla Maxwell, and Adrian Kosky
Juke Joint Festival, Clarksdale, Mississippi
April 15, 2023
Photo by Nicholas Ellerby

In September 2023, folk musician/singer songwriter Grant Peeples journeyed from Tallahassee, Florida, to The Holy Moly in Clarksdale to perform a house concert, helping Adrian and Carla celebrate the 100th birthday of the old masonic building/their American home. 

Grant Peeples
The Holy Moly Theatre, Clarksdale, Mississippi
September 25, 2023
Photo by Ruth Dickens

Adrian accompanied Grant with his guitar on one song, and Carla sang a part with Grant Peeples on another one called The Hanging.

Grant Peeples and Adrian Kosky
The Holy Moly Theatre, Clarksdale, Mississippi
September 25, 2023
Photo by Ruth Nickens

Carla Maxwell, Grant Peeples, and Adrian Kosky
The Holy Moly Theatre, Clarksdale, Mississippi
September 25, 2023
Photo by Ruth Dickens

Next year, Kosky & Maxwell will invite other musicians who are traveling through or to Clarksdale into their home to perform house concerts to attentive audiences in their "listening room," The Holy Moly Theatre.

In the meantime, Adrian and Carla will be playing up at Radio Springs Hotel in Lyonville, Victoria, Australia....the Centre of the Universe.

Sunday, August 13, 2023

A Bit More About Table Hill From 2022

Adrian and Carla were happy to be able to travel to and from the USA again! In 2022 the couple had a few trips back to Memphis and Clarksdale from Australia. It was a great relief for them to know that travel was possible, after spending a few years locked down in Australia. 

Of course, the time in Australia brought wonderful experiences and beautiful memories. 

Like the adventure of being real-life-experienced caravaners after picking up Puff the Magic Wagon from Bowtop Wagons in Queensland and spending time with their beloved pet, Jelly Bean whilst in Daylesford.

International travel in 2022 was a mix of business at The Holy Moly in Clarksdale and keeping up with special family occasions.

And the music of Table Hill plays on.....



Sunday, February 6, 2022

Getting Out and About!

After a couple of years of staying in one place, Adrian Kosky and Carla Maxwell, are starting the new year by getting out on the road and playing up along the way.

It's been nearly a year since the last post, so it's time to share a few Table Hill videos.

International Play Music on the Porch Day was during a time in Victoria's lock-down. Luckily, the beauty of Table Hill rd provided a comfy place to be and to make a couple of selfie videos to celebrate the day. 

Thank you, Ken Parfrey, for the Radio Springs Hotel videos. Table Hill loves being a part of the music and fun in Lyonville, Victoria, Australia!