Saturday, October 29, 2016

Playing Up In Lyonville

Last Thursday, Adrian and Carla enjoyed playing up in Lyonville at the Radio Springs Hotel. It was a special Thai Night, for sure. The restaurant and bar were completely full, with everyone enjoying the delights of Thai Night in a small town in country Victoria.

One of the highlights of the evening was seeing the 18 dog walkers having dinner together. The members of the group were gathering to celebrate the long life of the oldest dog in their doggy network: dog walkers from Victoria Park in Daylesford. The old dog had lived a long life and recently passed; he was gone, but he was definitely not forgotten. His memory was being celebrated with the joy of kindred spirits having fun -- it was party time for the faithful dog walkers -- the sounds of laughter and happy chatter coming from the main dining room, combined with the scurrying and dashing staff, created a peppy, lively, vibe with Table Hill music that honoured one man's best friend.

Carla had a moment to snap an over-the-shoulder selfie.

The Table Hill duo is looking forward to returning for next Thursday's Thai Night (November 3, 2016). Don't miss it! Ring the Radio Springs Hotel @ 03 5348 5562 to reserve a table.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Table Hill on Table Hill Road

Table Hill music has returned to Table Hill road! What a beautiful place to be!

Adrian and Carla are grateful for being able to spend the past six months in the Mississippi Delta, but they're happy to be back! They will be enjoying life in Australia through March 2017.  You'll find them playing up at the Radio Springs Hotel in Lyonville, Victoria. Click here to check the Table Hill calendar.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Life in Clarksdale

The Table Hill trio is still enjoying Clarksdale together. A few days ago, Phil celebrated his 60th birthday with TWO pieces of pie at Resthaven Restaurant, a loved and local family restaurant, just up from the famous crossroads of highways 49 & 61. Happy Birthday, Phil!

Soaking up the culture of Clarksdale, as well as adding a lot to it, Phil and Adrian recently played during a breakfast hour at the Bluesberry Cafe, which is just around the corner and a few doors down from The Holy Moly. It's a great little place for travellers, as well as locals, to hear the blues on weekend mornings and every Monday night.

There's been a bit more music played on Third Street in Clarksdale, since Phil arrived -- starting at The Holy Moly and ending at Deak Harp's place, "Mississippi Saxophones and Blues Emporium." Table Hill is looking forward to seeing and hearing Deak Down Under -- what a great name for a blues harp tour! 

Carla continues her blogging and recording and appreciating the fact that there's a little more music in Mississippi since Phil arrived.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Phil Mac Made it to Mississippi!

Woooohooooo! Phil has joined Carla and Adrian, visiting them in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

He arrived just in time to attend the Juke Joint Festival in April, when Clarksdale's streets and buildings filled with music and thousands of folks came to the home of the famous crossroads -- highways 49 and 61 -- to hear and play the blues.

It's hard to have the blues when we're having fun! It's good to have the original Table Hill trio together in the Mississippi Delta.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Dust My Broom!

Table Hill has made the list!

For many years, versions of the blues song, "Dust My Broom," have been collected and listed by Jacob Dyrsting from Denmark and Henk Maaskant from the Netherlands.

A few years ago, Table Hill played Dust My Broom at the Radio Springs Hotel. Mention of the performances has been included in this amazing collection! In honour of that honour, the Table Hill band blog now provides links to two of Carla's recordings of Table Hill's performances of Dust My Broom, as played at the Radio Springs Hotel in Lyonville, Victoria, Australia. (See below in this post and links in the upper righthand corner of this webpage.)

The collectors have organised and categorised the many (over 1,600) versions of the song and shared their list via:

Dust My Broom, September 9, 2010

Dust My Broom, September 18, 2011

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Table Hill and Friends

Table Hill with Ken Parfrey, February 2016
Adrian, Carla, and Phil have been enjoying good times and great music with dear friends and family, whilst they have been in Australia this summer.

Recently, Ken Parfrey, one of the proprietors of the Radio Springs Hotel, joined the band with his slide guitar. Ken, added to the mix, makes Table Hill's Memphis-Missississippi Delta-Melbourne sound deeper and richer! Have a listen to Carla's recordings (Ken shines on "Buckets of Rain"), shared via, and enjoy the real-life music made at the Centre of the Universe: Radio Springs Hotel in Lyonville, Victoria. We think you'll like it and hope you'll share it.

Table Hill also had a celebrity guest join the band for Thai Night at the Radio Springs Hotel last Thursday! Adrian's brother, Kevin, came in from Melbourne and added another yummy guitar flavour to a lovely evening! (Carla will share those recordings, as soon as the battery crisis has been corrected on her little digital recorder.)

Kevin Kosky and Adrian Kosky
Radio Springs Hotel
Lyonville, Victoria, Australia
February 25, 2016

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Leonards Hill, Victoria

Last night the Table Hill trio played several songs at the annual Leonards Hill Country, Western & Old Time Dance.

Adrian, Carla & Phil enjoyed the reunion, after having missed last year's event.