Saturday, January 25, 2014

From Clarksdale to Daylesford and Back to Clarksdale Again

Photo by Susan Gordon-Brown
From September 23rd through the middle of December 2013, Adrian and Carla spent three months in the U.S. in Clarksdale, Mississippi, continuing with The Holy Moly project. The trip and the work were both inspiring and rewarding in many ways.  More news on that will come later.

Their fun in the U.S.A. continues in March 2014, picking up where they left off; though, Clarksdale continues to move forward in the meantime.

Adrian Busking at the Rock & Blues Museum, drawing by Carla Maxwell
Adrian Kosky at Bluestown Music in Clarksdale, Mississippi
While back in Australia, Adrian and Carla will be working at their group accommodation facility in Daylesford, Victoria, at Tasma House and Gardens, where they appreciate the beauty of a simple life in a small country town.

View from the verandah at Tasma House with the Wombat Forrest in the distant background

Table Hill is scheduled to play on several dates at the beloved Radio Springs Hotel in Lyonville.  Adrian, Carla, and Phil look forward to those times together!  Come on over, we'll see you there!!  Please click here to check our schedule for the dates and times.

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