Thursday, September 4, 2014

Come!…..Visit Clarksdale!

Adrian & Carla have ended The Holy Moly Drug Store in "season one" of their series of events.  They are now focusing on work on the second floor of The Holy Moly. The Holy Moly Theatre is coming up in "season two" of the duo's project.  It will be a venue (located upstairs in the former masonic temple) and will feature entertainment which combines live music, storytelling & poetry, with short films.

Along with creating The Holy Moly Drug Store ice cream shop/soda fountain/espresso bar, the Table Hill couple have created a vacation rental property (which is now available to the public).  Here's a short video of the sweet little apartment which is ideal for blues fans all over the world who want to spend a week or more in the birthplace of the blues.


The Eastern Star Executive Suite ("Blues Central") at The Holy Moly is available for bookings via

Come! Visit Clarksdale!

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