Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Adrian and Carla -- Currently in Clarksdale, Mississippi

After having a couple of good months of Tasma House work in Daylesford and after catching up with friends, family & Miss Jelly Bean, Adrian and Carla have returned to Clarksdale, Mississippi.  They can be found continuing with The Holy Moly project in Clarksdale's historic downtown blues district.

If you're a blues fan and love American music, then you should make the journey yourself and experience the music, art, friendliness, and food of the Mississippi Delta (the birthplace of American Music!).

If you're interested in The Holy Moly project, come on over and see what Adrian and Carla are up to.  They can offer accommodation via their property as shown on which is what they call "Blues Central." They offer a self-contained apartment inside The Holy Moly, their revitalised old masonic temple which is listed on the national register of historic buildings.  

Some people go to Clarksdale for an afternoon and end up staying a night and return for a week-long or longer stay.  Adrian and Carla recommend that you just go ahead and come, planning to stay for a couple of weeks and be prepared to come again and again!  There is live music in the town every night.  Stay a while and enjoy it! 

You'll find comfort in Clarksdale, whether it's within "Blues Central" (The Holy Moly Eastern Star Executive Suite) or out on the street.

The couple will be in Clarksdale for the next few months.  Their band mate, Phil, will be in and around Lyonville, playing up and catching up with all kinds of folks, preparing for his own pilgrimage to the U.S., as he has been invited to join a bowed-saw festival in New York!  More news on that, later…..

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