Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Clarksdale Shuffle

Carla and Adrian are in Clarksdale, Mississippi, just starting to enjoy the probability of lots of music in The Holy Moly! (The construction within the building is finished!)

The business of The Holy Moly Drug Store is rolling along, quite rhythmically, and allowing them to think quite vertically…..about what is just above them.

Now the fun bit must begin!

Related to that, Adrian and Carla have recently hosted two events at The Holy Moly.

The first event was The Holy Moly Juke Joint Jam Academy last April during the Juke Joint Festival 2015 weekend. That's when The Holy Moly became an official Juke Joint Festival Nighttime Venue!

The second event Adrian & Carla hosted was a CD launch party for their friend, Heather Crosse (Heavy Suga & The SweeTones), in the new Holy Moly Theatre, during the recent Sunflower River Blues & Gospel Festival weekend. Having music in their new theatre has been wonderful!

Here's Carla's video of Clarksdale's local band, Heavy Suga & the SweeTones, singing about Clarksdale, Mississippi, in Clarksdale's newest theatre/venue, The Holy Moly Theatre:

Clarksdale blues musician, Josh "Razorblade" Stewart
singing with Heavy Suga & The SweeTones at The Holy Moly Theatre
August 7, 2015

Day-to-day life in Clarksdale is keeping Adrian and Carla busy with the business of running The Holy Moly Drug Store.  There are a lot of Walmart grocery shopping days to be dealt with!

Carla & Adrian spend a lot of time in
the Clarksdale Walmart check-out line.
There should be more music in their world, and they do what they can to fit it in to their life in the Mississippi Delta.
Adrian plays on The World's Smallest Stage
inside The Holy Moly Drug Store, August 2015

Adrian and Carla sing to customers in The Holy Moly Drug Store
Clarksdale, Mississippi (July 2015)
Occasionally, Adrian gets to step outside the shop and play on the street. Carla enjoys capturing the magic.

Adrian plays outside The Holy Moly Drug Store, July 2015
Less occasionally, Adrian and Carla get to venture out of The Holy Moly Drug Store and into Clarksdale to enjoy other people making music. After the Sunflower River Blues & Gospel Festival, they enjoyed the music of their friends, Jericho Road Show, at the Shacksdale Motel, near the Shack Up Inn.

Jericho Road Show at the Shacksdale Motel
Adrian Kosky and Carla Maxwell
Shacksdale Motel, August 2015
(photo by Mark J. Benson)
With the exception of a short trip back to Australia in September, Adrian & Carla will be in Clarksdale, Mississippi, through the middle of November, 2015.  

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